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10x13 Envelopes


Order 10x13 Envelopes and get free shipping! Use these large mailing envelopes to send documents, magazines, booklets, catalogs, or presentation folders. These large Envelopes come in two styles, Catalog and Booklet envelopes. The most popular item is Custom 10x13 Envelopes.

10x13 Catalog & Booklet Envelopes

Catalog envelopes, known as open end envelopes, feature an opening on the 10 inch (short) side. They are ideal for inserting stacks of documents or letters, and are easy to close. The opening of our Booklet Envelopes is on the 13 inch (long) side. Booklet envelopes have a wider opening and can be used to insert bulkier items like booklets or calendars. Both booklet and catalog style envelopes are available in white or brown kraft paper. We also offer colorful options if you are in need of something more vibrant.

The 10x13 envelopes come in several options, including security envelopes. Security envelopes will help protect your sensitive information and keep your mailing items confidential. These envelopes, like our Custom 10x13 Security Envelopes, feature a security tint on the inside of the envelope that hides contents inside. Our peel and seal or clasp envelope options will save you time! These large envelopes can also be used to store loose documents in your home or office.