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Donation Envelopes

Personalized Donation Envelopes for Giving and Fundraising Campaigns

Order customized donation envelopes and get free shipping! The perfect envelope to use for church giving and nonprofit fundraising. Make your envelopes stand out with full color printing, or choose one or two color printing for a budget-friendly option.

The most popular donation envelope is the #6 3/4 remittance envelope. This style features a large flap that can be used to hide personal information and payment details. It also gives you an option to print in a wider area than a regular envelope. You can use this area to print a message about your nonprofit or campaign, and collect donation information inside.

The ideal donation envelope size -- measuring 3 5/8" tall x 6 1/2" wide when folded -- fits neatly inside a standard business envelope. You can also include a donation letter or brochure about your organization to encourage donations.

To order donation envelopes for nonprofit use, simply upload your artwork, choose your printing and shipping options, and add to your cart. You'll receive a PDF proof for review and we'll wait for approval before printing.

Need a donation envelope template? We would be happy to help! Please contact our team and let us know which size you need, and what design program you're using.