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Payment Envelopes

Payment Envelopes for Business & Personal Use - Many Colors and Sizes

Shop for Payment Envelopes and get fast free shipping. Ideal for mailing personal checks and sending cash or donations. Available in many sizes and styles. The most popular payment envelopes sizes are #8 5/8, #9, and #10. A #10 is the most standard business envelope. Use to mail larger business checks, expense receipts, and more.  #10 envelopes also fit a regular 8 1/2 x 11" document, folded in thirds. Our #8 5/8 or #9 envelopes are slightly smaller. These sizes are commonly used with popular accounting software. Smaller sized envelopes are also great to use as return envelopes. Mail these smaller envelopes in a #10, #11 or #12 envelope and make it easy to collect your payments.

Choose from regular and window envelopes with or without a security tint. Display pre-printed addresses or company information through the transparent Poly-film windows. Help hide sensitive financial information. Choose from our envelope options with a security tint printed on the inside. We offer payment envelopes in standard white wove paper.  Several sizes are also available in a variety of colors including blue, yellow, orange and pink. Select a color to complement your brand or stand out in the mail. Print a logo or return address in the top left corner. Make it easy for your recipients to quickly recognize your important correspondence. Check out our payment envelopes for a convenient way to collect and submit payments on time.