Custom Mailing Envelopes

Order Custom Mailing Envelopes and get free shipping! Perfect for large mailings such as catalogs, brochures, booklets, folders, and more. Choose a catalog style for an opening on the short edge of the envelope. Choose a booklet style for an opening on the long edge of the envelope. Depending on what you’re sending, both will serve you well! When choosing a size, make sure to give yourself at least ¼” of extra space so your items aren’t squished, torn, or folded. For larger items, a 10x13 mailing envelope will work great! For smaller items, a 6x9 envelope will do the trick. 

Customize these Custom Mailing Envelopes with your return address, logo, special design, and more! We offer one, two, or full color printing depending on your needs! We can even add recipient addressing! Choosing the perfect envelope can be daunting, let us help you! Contact us today! We can even help you with your customization; creating the perfect envelope for you and your business!