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Ordering Printed Envelopes for Business? Learn about sizes and options!

Ordering Printed Envelopes for Business? Learn about sizes and options!

Posted by Granite Woods on Jun 16th 2021

Thinking about ordering Printed Envelopes for Business Use?

If you’re buying envelopes, there’s a good chance you’re going to end up sending them in the mail. If that's the case, buying printed envelopes for business use can make your life so much easier! Ordering custom printed envelopes can save you time and aggravation. Quit the hassle of writing on envelopes (or trying to print them) yourself. We offer printing on a variety of business envelopes, so you'll find exactly what you need!

What are the most popular printed envelopes?

Our most common envelope is a #10 business envelope. Custom #10 envelopes come with or without a window. They also have options like security tint, or self seal.

Most businesses personalize these envelopes with their company name and return address in the upper left hand corner. This can be done in black text or with a color logo.

Why order custom printed envelopes?

Sending out hundreds, or even thousands of these envelopes? Buying printed envelopes for business use is a huge time saver. It will also help you make a great impression!

There’s no need to write the address by hand or place return address stickers. Choose a standard #10 envelope (without a window) for mailing documents. Or select custom window envelopes, which allow for a preprinted mailing address to show through the envelope. Custom letterhead -- with the recipient address showing through the window -- can help showcase your brand.

Other Popular Printed Envelope Sizes

Custom payment envelopes are also a great business envelope to buy preprinted. Measuring 3 5/8" x 6 1/2" these small envelopes are often placed inside of a #10 envelope and mailed to customers. They are the perfect size for a personal check. Include with an invoice or bill and make it easy for clients to handle payments.

#6 ¾ or #9 envelopes are usually printed with your business’s address in the middle of the envelope. While a # 6 3/4 envelope is ideal for personal checks, a #9 envelope can fit a larger business check as well. Custom #9 envelopes can be used as a business reply envelope or as check envelopes. Choose options with and without a window.

What should you print on your envelopes?

Preprinting your mailing address on a payment envelope before sending them, not only saves your customer time, but ensures they mail they have the correct address. You can also pre-print blank lines for a return in the upper left hand corner and a “Place Stamp Here” box in the upper right hand corner for a more complete and professional look. Make it easy for your customers to remember to include their return address.

What are the printing options?

Printed envelopes for business don’t have to just be black text on a white envelope. Not only do we offer colored envelopes, we offer full color printing on white envelopes. Color printing allows for the practicality of preprinted envelopes for business, while also adding a splash of color for pop. Print your logo or slogan in color to make sure it stands out in the mail.

Your time is valuable, so make your mailings as easy and efficient as possible with printed envelopes for business! Make sure they're ready to mail straight from the box and use the time you save for more important things.

Have questions about ordering custom printed envelopes, or need a pre-order proof? Contact our team via email, live chat, or phone. We're happy to help!