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Manila Envelopes


Order Manila Envelopes and get FREE shipping! Manila envelopes can be used for a variety of occasions. Use to sort or store documents. They are also great for mailing. The manila envelopes are a staple in any office. Use for any task that requires an envelope. We have a variety of sizes and styles that can be used in almost any situation. We offer small coin envelopes that can be used for cash, keys, seeds, beads, or small pieces and parts. Jewelry makers like to use these envelopes to send their products. Hotels use them for room keys. Banks occasionally use them for new cards. There are endless options. The larger sizes, such as the 6x9, 9x12, and 10x13, are used for regular documents, letters, and more. The manila paper is sturdy and can withstand long distance mailing and interoffice use.

There are more uses than just mailing important documents or letters. Many organizations use these envelopes within the office to stay organized. They use them to store important documents, files, and loose items. Add your logo, return address, custom artwork or designs, and more. The larger size manila envelopes, the 9x12 and 10x13 do not require that you fold your documents in half. You can mail or store your items flat without adding any creases. The 6x9 requires at least one fold to fit a standard size document (8 1/2 x 11-inch). These envelopes are commonly referred to as brown envelopes too. We also offer these envelopes with a self seal to speed up the mailing process.