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Church Envelopes

Custom Church Envelopes for Tithes & Offerings

Order Church Envelopes and get FREE shipping! Use these tithe and offering envelopes during services or special events. Members can insert cash, personal checks, and write down their credit card information. Use the envelope to collect gifts, donations, and member information. These envelopes can be mailed out with a newsletter and sent back with a donation.

We have a few styles of offering and tithe envelopes that will conceal any handwritten or printed information once sealed. Personalize your church offering envelopes with a special message that informs your members about your cause and mission.

Churches use these envelopes to collect tithes, remittance, offerings, or donations. It’s a great addition to any organization! 

Customize these Church Envelopes with your return address, logo, or special design! Enhance your envelopes with a special message or verse. Your members will appreciate the thought that went into every detail! Make donating easy!