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6x9 Envelopes


Shop for 6x9 Envelopes and get fast free shipping! Use these envelopes for mailing brochures, pamphlets, large greeting cards, announcements and much more. Our 6x9 Envelopes are available in catalog and booklet styles. The most common style is our catalog envelopes. Catalog envelopes feature the opening on the short side of the envelope. This style is perfect for mailing large pamphlets or sales materials. Our 6x9 envelopes are also available in booklet style. Booklet envelopes feature the flap on the longer end of the envelope. Great for mailing bulkier items without bending or folding. We offer these two envelope styles in a variety of colors for every occasion. Select the color that best complements your brand. Also ideal for holiday cards or other themed mailing materials.
Pick from catalog or booklet styles featuring a gum seal, Peel and Seal strip or clasp closure. Self seal or gum adhesive are great for mailing. Our self seal option offers a fast and convenient way to stuff, seal, and send. Pull back the paper strip and press down for a quick but secure seal. 6x9 Clasp envelopes are ideal for repeated use. The clasp closure makes it easy to store and organize materials - perfect for home or work. If you need to mail sensitive materials, choose a 6x9 envelope with a security tint. This will protect sensitive contents in the mail. Select from 6x9 Window Envelopes to display pre-printed text through transparent poly-film window. We also offer custom versions of our 6x9 envelopes. Personalize your order with your logo, address or other artwork.