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Thinking About Ordering Custom Large 9x12 Envelopes?

Thinking About Ordering Custom Large 9x12 Envelopes?

Posted by Zack W. on Apr 22nd 2021

Are you thinking about ordering custom large 9x12 envelopes? When considering purchasing this type of envelope, it's important to take note of the many different styles they have to offer, as well as their uses.

Large Envelopes:

All of our large envelopes come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. They're great for sending catalogs, booklets, documents, brochures, and more in the mail. The most common sizes for these envelopes are 6x9, 9x12, and 10x13. Booklet and Catalog styles are the two most popular selections when it comes to Large Envelopes.

Booklet and Catalog style envelopes and the difference between them:

The main difference between Booklet Envelopes and Catalog Envelopes would be their openings. Booklet style envelopes, otherwise known as “open side” envelopes, feature an opening on the long side. The opening makes inserting larger, bulky items quite effortless. The 9x12 sized option, like these 9x12 Printed Mailing Envelopes, will fit any standard sized document up to 8 ¾ inches by 11 ¾ inches, without the need to fold or bend your items. Our booklet style envelopes come in a wide range of bright and pastel colors for you to choose from, as well as in 6x9 and 10x13 sizes.

A Catalog Envelope, or “open-end” envelope, opens on the short side. Like their booklet style counterparts, catalog envelopes are perfect for inserting larger, bulky items. They’re also great for use in keeping loose documents organized in a business or office environment. They're available in white, like these Custom 9x12 Envelopes, as well as manila or colored. We also offer Custom 9x12 Window Envelopes for those who are in need of a windowed envelope. These envelopes are catalog in style and feature a window on the left hand corner, perfect for mailing documents with a pre-printed mailing address.

Hopefully, this helps you make a more informed decision when it comes time to purchase your custom large 9x12 envelopes. However, if you're still in need of assistance, please contact our team. We're available via phone, email, or live chat to help you find exactly what you're looking for!