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Remittance Envelope Sizes - How to Choose the Best Option

Remittance Envelope Sizes - How to Choose the Best Option

Posted by Granite Woods on May 5th 2021

There are many ways to collect donations for your nonprofit or church. One of the most tried and true methods is with remittance envelopes. Knowing the right remittance envelope sizes, and best practices for printing, will help you design the perfect donation envelope.

Remittance are unique envelopes which come in a variety of options. They are truly different than any other donation envelope you are going to encounter.

Available in both blank and printed, remittance envelopes can be used for in-person giving or can be sent through the mail.

To start, let's consider the difference between “remittance” envelopes and “donation” envelopes. A remittance envelope can be used for a donation envelope, but not all donation envelopes are remittance style.

In fact, donation envelopes encompass a wide range of sizes and styles. From #6 ¾ envelopes -- the most popular -- to tithe envelopes, and all the way up to 9x12 envelopes. Choose your envelope based on ideal use.

Remittance, however, are a very specific type of donation envelopes. They have a larger flap and plenty of room for printing on both the inside and outside of the envelope.

Print your logo and return address on the front half. Include printing on the inside of the envelope for collecting your donor’s information and payment details.

Remittance Envelope Sizes

We offer remittance envelope sizes in three popular options. Sizes include #6 ¼, #6 ¾, and #9 -- each with the same options for printing.

The #6 ¾ remittance envelope is the most common size. But all three sizes can fit cash or checks, and are ideal for donations.

#6 ¼ remittance envelopes offer a size-friendly option and can be sent in a smaller outer envelope. The larger #9 remittance envelopes offer the most room for printing, and can fit personal and business size checks.

In addition to a variety of remittance envelope sizes, we also offer several different colors. In both the #6 ¾ and #9 sizes, choose from pastel colors like blue, pink, green, and yellow.

Excite your donors with pastel color envelopes to match your branding! We even offer an option with a tear-off flap. These allow your donor to fill out their information on the flap and tear it off. They can insert that slip of paper in the envelope, along with their donation.

These versatile envelopes can fit inside of a larger 6x9 or 9x12 envelope. Include with any other information you may wish to send to potential donors.

When folded, our remittance envelopes can even fit inside of a #10 envelope, in addition to a donation request letter.

The great thing about all remittance envelope sizes is their versatility. Use these envelopes for in-person giving, or give them to donors to send back their donation at a later time. You can also mail with a donation letter so they can give from the comfort of their own home.

Customize any of our envelopes with simple black text or a colored logo. Communicate with your donors however you need to get the funds you need to keep your nonprofit thriving!