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How to Print Window Envelopes

How to Print Window Envelopes

Posted by Granite Woods on May 19th 2021

With more people working remotely now, you may find yourself trying to print envelopes at home. If you've found yourself in this position, it's likely you're also running into a lot of issues. You may be wondering how to print window envelopes successfully.

There are a variety of issues you could have when trying to print standard window envelopes on a desktop (and specifically a laser) printer. We hope to shed some light on these challenges.

First, the plastic film that covers the window on these envelopes is not ideal for a laser printer. As you’ve likely noticed, these printers use a lot of heat during the printing process, and this heat will melt the plastic on a normal window envelope.

In addition to this, many home printers simply don't have an envelope design. Envelopes have a shape and thickness very different from computer paper. Keep in mind, an envelope is essentially 2-3 sheets of paper in thickness.

As a result, printing envelopes on a home computer can lead to wrinkled paper and frustrating jams. Not only will the quality of the envelopes and printing be less then ideal, but it can end up being a very time consuming and irritating process.

So, how can you print window envelopes at home? Here's a few tips to follow to make the process easier.

To begin, use the right kind of envelope.

There are a number of Laser Safe or Digital Window envelopes we offer that are specifically designed for a laser printer. The plastic on these envelopes is specially made to withstand the heat of laser printing. This means it won't melt or crinkle like a standard window envelope. We offer several different varieties of #10 digital window envelopes, including pastel colors, so be sure to check them out if you need to print at home.

Choose the right printer settings.

Once you've selected your laser safe envelopes, you'll want to choose a manual feed option on your printer. Unless you have a commercial printer, placing envelopes in the paper drawer will usually lead to issues. Feed your envelopes in one at a time through the manual feed option.

If possible, open the back of your printer to allow the envelopes to exit without being pulled upward. This will help lessen wrinkles and creasing.

Don't try to print large quantities of window envelopes on a home printer. If you need to print 50-100 envelopes, you may be successful. But if you need 250+ envelopes there's a good chance you could damage the printer.

Always use the envelope setting if possible. This will adjust the rollers in the printer allowing a thicker envelope to go through without jamming.

Skip it all together.

Tired of trying to figure out how to print window envelopes at home? Skip the hassle just purchase custom window envelopes from us! At Granite Woods, we can print any style or size of window envelope you may need, saving you the time and frustration of trying to print them on your desktop printer.

We can also print special window envelopes like 9x12 window envelopes and those with a self-seal. Why struggle with printing window envelopes at home when we can take care of it for you, at a quality and price you’ll love.

Have questions about ordering custom window envelopes? Our team would be happy to help! Reach out via live chat, email, or phone.