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How to Choose Custom Printed Mailing Envelopes

How to Choose Custom Printed Mailing Envelopes

Posted by Zack W. on Mar 17th 2021

Need to order Custom Printed Mailing Envelopes and not sure where to start? We break down the most popular custom large envelopes to help you choose the perfect oversized envelope.

Custom Mailing Envelopes, also referred to as “jumbo envelopes,” are larger than standard business size envelopes. Available in several different sizes, colors, and styles, these envelopes offer options for whatever your needs may be!

You can use these envelopes to mail thick documents, marketing and sales materials, brochures, catalogs, folders and much more!

6x9 Envelopes

The smallest custom printed mailing envelopes are the 6x9 size. They can fit a standard piece of paper folded in half, but are still small enough to mail with a first class stamp! We offer custom 6x9 envelopes in both a catalog and booklet style.

Should you choose Catalog or Booklet?

Custom Catalog Envelopes feature the flap on the 6” side, while Custom Booklet Envelopes have the flap on the longer 9” side. If inserting several pieces of paper into the envelope, the booklet style envelope may be easier to use.

Want to save time and hassle when sealing your envelopes? Check out our 6x9 catalog envelope with self-seal adhesive. All of our 6x9 envelopes are available to print, in black, two color, or full color ink. Need 6x9 envelopes that will stand out? Choose brightly colored 6x9 envelopes or pastel colored 6x9 envelopes.

9x12 Envelopes

The most popular size mailing envelopes are the custom 9x12 envelopes. These are generally considered the “standard” size for custom printed mailing envelopes. They fit standard documents perfectly. Available in both a catalog and booklet style. Use these envelopes to mail thick documents or marketing materials.

If you are mailing sensitive information, think about using our 9x12 security envelopes. to keep private documents hidden. These envelopes are ideal for mailing financial or insurance documents.

In addition to standard gummed flap envelopes and self-seal options, we also offer 9x12 brown kraft clasp envelopes. These unique envelopes are ideal for interoffice use, in that the clasp lets you open and close them several times.

10x13 Envelopes

Lastly, custom 10x13 envelopes are the largest custom printed mailing envelopes we offer. Also available in catalog or booklet, with easy self seal options. They are a great option when the 6x9 or 9x12 size envelopes just won’t cut it. Use 10x13 envelopes when mailing something larger than a standard document. You can also use these to mail documents within a folder.

Protect sensitive information with 10x13 security envelopes. These envelopes are very popular for financial, insurance, and medical use.

Unsure of which printing option to choose? Whether you need a simple return address in black ink, or your company’s full color logo, all of our custom printed mailing envelopes are available for printing.

Black ink or one-color printing offers a cost effective way to personalize your large envelopes. Two color printing, for only a small amount more, can help your logo and brand stand out. These two options are ideal for colored envelopes. Full color printing on a white envelope will help your mailing stand out and get attention.

Interested in a large mailing envelope that’s not on our website, like an expansion envelope, or a padded mailer? We can help! For questions about these or any other specialty envelope, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.