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How To Choose Custom Church Envelopes

How To Choose Custom Church Envelopes

Posted by Zack W. on Mar 26th 2021

Which Custom Church Envelopes are right for you?

Whether you’re collecting weekly tithes, or offerings for a special project or trip, custom church envelopes are pivotal to help with church giving. Perfect for collecting checks, cash, or even coins, these envelopes are fully customizable so you can communicate your message and collect member / gift information.

Which church envelopes are right for you?

Standard #6 3/4 Payment Envelopes

The simplest and most cost effective option to encourage church giving is with a standard #6 ¾ envelope. These church tithing envelopes are the perfect size for cash or checks, and are easy to use. Our #6 ¾ payment envelopes with a security tint will make anyone giving by check feel at ease that their financial information will be kept private.

Looking for something more than a standard white envelope? We offer a variety of pastel church envelopes to help liven up church giving! Print a few lines of simple text, or a full coverage form across the face of the envelope. These envelopes are small enough to fit easily in a church pew or bulletin, but still fit cash or personal checks.

Tithe & Offering Envelopes

Tithe envelopes are another type of Custom Church Envelopes that are designed specifically for church giving. These envelopes are compact in size and made for cash or checks. Because they feature an easy open tab on the back, the donation can be accessed simply and quickly.

Tithe and offering envelopes are the most common envelopes used in churches and are usually printed with a small form on the front to allow parishioners to record their information. These envelopes are ideal for in-service giving. We offer these in simple white paper like our easy to use Custom Tithe Envelopes, or in a number of pastel colors. Vary the color of your tithe envelopes to reflect the season or type of giving it will be used for!

Remittance Envelopes

Remittance envelopes are by far the most versatile and varied option for church giving. These envelopes are available in #6 ¼, #6 ¾, and #9 sizes to fit whatever your needs are.

Unlike other church envelopes, these are designed to be printed and returned via mail. Because the flap is much larger than an average envelope, this allows for a much larger printing area on both the front and the back of the envelope.

First, print your logo and return mailing address on the outer half of the envelope, then print a form to collect member and/or gift information on the inside of the envelope. Their information will be securely hidden when the flap is closed.

Remittance envelopes are a terrific option to include in a mailing to your parishioners. Offer them in-service and allow your congregation to take them home and send in their gifts when convenient. It also allows gifts to be made via credit or debit card. Available in an array of pastel colors, inspire your parishioners to give with remittance envelopes!

Offer the right choice

Whatever the size or goals of your congregation, we have an envelope that will work for you! Whether collecting tithes, or donations for a special project, charity, or mission, make sure you have an envelope that communicates your message. We know printing on church envelopes can be confusing and overwhelming.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance. We can help you choose the right envelope, edit artwork if needed, and provide quotes for various options.